How To Search Inside The Hotmail

Hotmail is the reliable mode of communication.  The application is equipped with latest features. It has the potential to cater to all your emailing needs.  It enables the user to manage the emails and also to save contact and data as well.  The simplicity yet multidimensional use of the application enable any new user to use its apps with ease.  However, similar to other mailing application, it is also prone to technical glitches.  For example, server related errors, recovering hacked account, customization settings, password reset to name a few.

However, with the professional acumen of Hotmail Customer Support Australia, the biggest challenge to get solutions to it is resolved easily.  Consider yourself lucky enough if you are finding trouble in locating specific mails or chain of mails in the Hotmail mailing list.  As we will provide ways on how to search inside it as highlighted in the steps below :

  • First, click open the internet browser of your choice. Proceed by visiting the Hotmail website.
  • In case, you are not signed in, log in using the username and password credentials. 
  • Located to the left horizontal column, tap on the ‘’go to inbox” option.  Situated strategically, beneath the Hotmail highlights at the center of the webpage.
  • To the left of the top folders, locate the indexing of messages appearing on the screen. This would enable you to see a search box for the purpose.
  • Proceed by typing the desired search term.  You can even type the to address or contact name . 
  • You can further search on Bing web. This is applicable if you fail to locate the intended message.
  • Scroll down until you find the desired search term.  Tap enter to begin the search.
  • Allow certain seconds for Hotmail to look for the inbox messages along with other search settings term shown in the box.
  • Finally, do a final check list to see through the results or what further action, you need to take.

If you need any additional support, you can take the help of its customer service to troubleshoot all your technical issues.  They work round the year. As they value the time of the customers, they strive to provide accurate solutions in quickest time possible.  You can email the query or avail the benefits of its live chat support services.