How To Forward Emails of My Hotmail Account to Another Account?

Are you looking for some guidance to be able to forward emails in from your Hotmail account to another account? Then you would be glad to know that you are right in the perfect place and here you will be guided with the same in no time. However, you should know this that Hotmail is a part of Outlook, so if you would like to forward emails to another mail address then you would have to get it done via Outlook Mail. And you will find the procedure provided below to get the same done successfully. And if you have other Hotmail queries then you can always reach out to Hotmail Customer Service whenever you want to. The experts would be ready at any time to assist you.

Follow the given steps below to get started with forwarding your Hotmail emails:

  • You got to first log in to your email through Outlook Mail.
  • And then you would have to select the Settings menu icon, you will see it located on the right side of the menu bar-shaped just like a gear.
  • You now will have to choose the ‘View all Outlook Settings’ option.
  • And then you need to go to the ‘Mail > Forwarding’ options.

Note: and as the case you are accessing is sensitive information, then you will be asked by Microsoft to log into your account once again. You just got t do as recommended.

  • After doing so, you need to go to select the ‘Enable the Forwarding’ checkbox.
  • And in the ‘Forward my email to’ field, you would have to enter the email address that you would like to forward messages to.
  • When you are done with that, you just have to give a click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm the changes that you made.

Now you should be done and all set up with the needful. And we hope that the steps have helped to get through with the same but if in case you face any problem at all, then you just got to give a dial on the Hotmail Support Phone Number. And then you will have the technicians to help you solve the concerned issues effectively.