How to Access Hotmail from Windows Live Mail?

Do you need help with accessing your Hotmail account using the Windows Live Mail? Then you can easily do so, you’ve just got to follow the instructions provided and you will be done. But if you have some other Hotmail queries then feel free to connect with the most dedicated experts only at Hotmail Customer Support Australia. And you will surely have all your related glitches resolved.

Follow these given steps accordingly to get the correct result:

  • First of all, you need to go to the Windows Live Mail ribbon menu and then select the ‘Accounts’ option.
  • Next, you would have to select ‘Email’ you will then have the ‘Add Your Email Accounts’ window open on the current screen.
  • Now on the displayed page, you must enter your email address, password, and display name for your sent messages.
  • Then go to select the ‘Remember this password’ checkbox, and select the ‘Manually configure server settings checkbox, after which, click on Next.
  • You now need to choose the ‘Server Type’ drop-down arrow and then choose the IMAP.
  • After doing so in the ‘Incoming server information’ section, you need to go to the ‘server address’ text box and then enter ‘
  • You also need to select the ‘Requires a secure connection’ checkbox.
  • And then in the ‘Port’ text box, you got to enter 993. After that go to select the ‘Authenticate using’ drop-down arrow and also choose the ‘Clear Text’ option.
  • Now in the ‘Login User Name’ text box, you will have to enter your email address.
  • After that in the ‘Outgoing server information’ section, you need to go to the ‘Server address’ text box and then enter ‘ And then in the ‘Port’ text box, go to enter 587.
  • You then will have to select the ‘Requires a secure connection and then the ‘Requires authentication’ checkboxes as well.
  • Finally, at last, you need to click on Next and then select the ‘Finish’ button.

You should be over with the procedure by now. But, if in case you come across any sort of issues related to your Hotmail account, then you know that you can get the best solutions Contact Hotmail Australia. And you will have the technicians’ right there to help you out instantly.